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Wondering whether our camps are right for your family? Read our testimonials below of parent and camper experiences with Altitude International Summer Camps.

Loved the camp

“The children loved the camp because it was very peaceful and as they felt “free” which is a feeling that they miss in the city. Both parents are very pleased with the overall experience and asked me to pass you their utmost gratitude for you attention, care and precious assistance. We see that you put your heart in it and it definitely makes the difference.”

Integral SP Bulgaria Agency on behalf of the parents of Gergana Dyulgerova aged 13 and Tsvetan Dyulgerov aged 11, English Language Camp, August 2017


Really enjoyed our time in Verbier

“Thanks for all your help and support. We really enjoyed our time in Verbier and the kids had a lovely time in the camp and made lots of friends. Please do send our thanks and appreciation to all in Altitude camp. Thanks and hope to see you soon.”

Farid from Dubai, Father of Mohammed and MuniraDalia aged 10, HayaSofia aged 8 and JoudLia aged 4, Mountain Adventure Camp & Marmot Camp, August 2016


Thank you

“Ahmed has arrived home safely. I would like to thank you and your team for all the support you have provided to Ahmed during his stay in your camp. His feedback was very good.  Please pass his regards to all staff there.”

Marash from Oman, Father of Ahmed aged 10, English Language Camp, August 2016


Would like to be back next Summer

“Thank you very much for welcoming the children of our dearest guest Mr. Ivanov at Altitude Summer Camp. Both Anastasiia and Oleksandr liked their time spent at the Camp and would like to be back next summer. Oleksandr wants to go with his elder brother 8 y.o. next time to enjoy the summer time together.

It was our pleasure to work with you. We’re really thank you for all your kind assistance and care for the Ivanovs’ children. Wish you and all Altitude team joyful summer and thankful campers.”

Agent of Mr Ivanov from Ukraine, Dad of Anastasiia aged 7 and Oleksandr aged 6, English Language Camp, August 2016


Wonderful Time

“Thank you very much for everything. Edos has had a wonderful time. Please give my best regards to all of your staff!”

Parents of Edos,  Aged 12, French Language Camp, August 2016


Already looking forward to next year!

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at Altitude who looked after Adam whilst he was there. He had such a wonderful time with so many memorable experiences. He was so upset when we left he cried all the way to Martigny! He is already looking forward to next year!”

Ryan from England, Guardian of Adam aged 8, Mountain Adventure Camp, July 2016


Thrilled about his experience

“First of all I would like to thank you and your staff, everything has been monitored and accurate in every detail. My husband and me never considered a camp for Alessandro, but was important for us to make him feel more independent and confident in himself and make him appreciate the respect also living in contact with people he never met before. We chose your camp because we considered the variety of programs and dynamics.

Alessandro came back home thrilled about his experience, he felt a little bigger to stay away from home without his parents; he has returned more aware of his adaptability and he respects rules and people more naturally. Most of all he loved the dynamics of life in the camp. All this has fully met our expectations!

He already asked to book for next year, he have appointment in Verbier with his friends, we can only be happy about that!.”

Elettra from Italy, Mum of Alessandro aged 12, July 2016


A wonderful experience she will never forget!

“I would like to thank you for all your support and kindness we experienced, you are a real dedicated team and doing your utmost that the children are having a great time during the camp.

Although Melis had some adjusting problems in the beginning, she really enjoyed it and had a wonderful experience which she will never forget! She even wants join the ski camp this winter.

Next year she wants to join again!! Thanks so much for your patience and kindness.”

Aynur Kaya from Switzerland, Mum of Melis aged 10, Mountain Adventure Camp, August 2015

So cool, so friendly, like a family

“Martin and his friend Felix really liked their week. Boys of 8-9 are not so easy to please, as they like to think of themselves as men and thus want to do sporty, ‘sensational’, activities (unsurprisingly, their favourite by far was the survival morning), without often having the necessary physical strength.

Martin already said he would really like to come back to Altitude and the one reason for this is that the staff are just “so cool, so friendly, like a family”. This, he said, was, much, much more important than the activities.

So again, many thanks for the week! Keep up with it! Have a great summer and see you next time!”

Florence Francois Poncet from Belgium, Mum of Martin aged 8, Mountain Adventure Camp, July 2015


 Enjoyed the camp so much

“My children enjoyed the camp so much. They talked about the new friends they made, and all the fun things they did and learned. It was their first camp ever. They want to come again. I was impressed with the accommodation and the professionalism of the organizers.”

Kele Odigbo from South Africa, Mum of Samuel aged 7, Chloe aged 10 and Spring aged 11, Mountain Adventure Camp, August 2015 

A great set up

“Just wanted to say a big thanks again, Torin really enjoyed himself. You’ve got a great set up with great camp teachers, I hope it goes from strength to strength.

Many thanks Laura, hope the rest of the summer is good for the summer camp!”

Victoria Mclagan from Switzerland, Mum of Torin aged 3, Marmot Camp, August 2015

Thrilled with the program

“Thanks so much for taking care of Adele at your camp. She was absolutely thrilled with the program. We have to send her back in, again, and again… until she’s too old to fit in. 

Thanks so much, and look forward to coming back to you next year!”

Ming and TingTing Shen from China, Parents of Adele aged 10, Language Camp, July 2015

Ready to come again next year

“Thank you for taking care of Vivi who really enjoy very much her camp life with you. She told me already now that she is ready to come again next year. Congratulations to you & all your colleagues. Good Job!”

H.L.Lei from China, Mum of Vivi aged 10, Language Camp, July 2015


Friends from all over the world

“Best wishes and many thanks for a great time you’ve organised for the boys! The camp absolutely matched expectations and the boys are still very excited about their trip. They enjoyed many things about the camp.

The staff – they said that the staff were amazing and they felt very comfortable, like they are all very old friends or one big family. They liked the staff in general, but most of all they liked Alex and Ross who were very helpful and always around.

The excursions – Matvey said that he saw one of the most beautiful views he’s ever seen when they went to mountains and they also liked all the other excursions and activities.

They liked the positive atmosphere in the camp and that everybody was very friendly – staff and other children.

Matvey also said that this trip opened the whole world to him and now he has friends from all over the world and can talk to them via the internet, and he also learned a lot about different cultures, which has changed his point of view a lot.  The boys are very impressed with the beautiful nature they have seen there.”

Families of Matvey and Ivan both aged 12 from Russia, Language Camp, July 2015


First summer camp experience a successful one

“I want to thank you and thank every team member for making Ayman’s first summer camp experience a successful one although he struggled with home sickness for a few days.

I keep talking and recommending Altitude to all my friends who first through I was crazy to send my young kid by himself to a summer camp that I chose on internet… I actually did my homework and thought communication with you back and forth, my choice was easily made.

Thank you again and see you again in the future. Warm Regards from all of us to all of you.”

 Aliaa from Morocco, Mum of Ayman aged 8, Mountain Adventure Camp,  July 2014

My son’s English improved in one week!

“My children Géraldine and Emmanuel were at the camp last week. I am in Verbier all the time (we live in Geneva) so I know the Altitude ski school and last summer I had noticed children in an Altitude group. They enjoyed it and I thought it was great. What I liked most about it:

1) the fact that English was spoken all the time and that the instructors insisted on it (my son’s English improved in one week!). This is a strength for me and the main reason I would want them to do it again, perhaps even longer than a week.

2) I also found the activities that were proposed really interesting i.e the various visits/outings, the sports and the mountain activities such as building tents (this is what my daughter preferred).  

Finally all the staff were very nice and friendly and seem to genuinely like children.”

Annette Ponti from Switzerland, Mum of Géraldine aged 13 and Emmanuel aged 11, Mountain Adventure Camp, August 2015 


Opened her hidden talents and abilities

“We would sincerely like to thank you for the care and teaching provided to Anastasia during her stay at your summer camp!

Thanks to your professional approach on training, it is with pleasure and high incentive that Anastasia attended each lesson. Reaching out individually to every student opened her hidden talents and abilities, and alongside your remarkable teaching, students can grow to being determined individuals focused on obtaining new knowledge. 

We wish you continued success in discharging high standards of education.” 

Igor Polchenko from Russia, Father of Anastatia aged 11, Language Camp, August 2015 


Fabulous opportunity

“Just a short note to thank you so much for giving that fantastic opportunity in the Summer. I have recently seen both Georgia-Mai and Myles and both of them had a brilliant time. I don’t know if the parents have been in touch but they have also told me what a great experience it was for both children.

Once again, many, many thanks for giving children from Ringmer this fabulous opportunity which I am sure they will keep for the rest of their lives!

Dave Evans, Headteacher of Georgia-Mai and Myles from Ringmer Primary School, UK, selected for Mountain Adventure Camp Scholarships, August 2015 

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