New International Friendships

When children arrive at camp, one of the first things that they will enjoy, through an evening of games and introductions, is getting to know their fellow campers. The team building activities we deliver are designed to allow the children; who come from so many corners of the world, a fantastic opportunity to learn more about their new-found friends. They can discover their different personalities and life experiences and develop an awareness of the different cultural perspectives of the other children, helping them to have an increased respect towards other human beings.

As part of their language lessons, children often deliver mini presentations about their country, explaining local foods, religions, customs etc. This helps to further build children’s awareness of different countries in the world and how they may be different or similar to their own.

Learning New Languages

On our summer camps, the spoken language is English, and for many children it might be the first time they are in an environment where the main language is not native to them. The international camp environment helps to teach children the benefits of being able to speak more than one language, showing them first-hand how this can open their opportunities for new friendships. Developing their language and communication skills during their time at camp also enables them to talk more confidently and find independence. These benefits go way beyond the weeks children spend at camp too. In the future this could open new doors in life, enhance travel experiences and potentially give them more career opportunities in their future.

Experience Different Cultures

The camp experience also teaches children that we can all be different, in terms of personality, values, cultures and more, but, at the same time, we are quite similar in many ways. We share passions for sports, laughing, chocolate and maybe even a bit of Swiss cheese! Ultimately, we are all part of humanity, and we all deserve respect from one another.
We believe the experience at camp helps children to become more rounded individuals, with more life experience and knowledge of the world they are living in, to embrace everything that they experience.


A Proud Verbier Summer Camp

One of our proudest achievements, is our vast nationality mix between campers and the insight that this gives to children. From the UK to Singapore, Saudi Arabia to Japan, the cultures are so varied. Below we can see the various countries that our children travelled from in 2017.  Next summer in Verbier, Switzerland we look forward to welcoming more children from even more countries from around the world.


verbier statistics