What a great summer it has been in Verbier. Not only have our summer camps been very successful, but I think we can finally say that Verbier tourism is back on track! It was much busier in town than last year, we’ve had fabulous weather and Verbier St. Bernard have organised some enjoyable interesting events.


Summer Camps Switzerland
What started off as a small idea to organize summer camp activities for our winter clients, has now become a well established product in Switzerland. When we started out we wanted our camps to be different from others and focus on small groups, quality and security. We wanted to answer the demand for high quality summer camps where children could enjoy their time at the standards their parents would expect.


In a few years we have managed to become known in more than ten countries, which makes sure our children can enjoy an international summer camp and make new friends in different languages and meet different cultures. A once in a life time experience! Whether it is during the day or residential camps, the children have the opportunity to meet all the other children within our small groups.


Verbier Festival Music Camps
This summer the Verbier Festival was looking for a company that could host their Music Camp. We were very happy that they decided to partner with our Summer Camps. In three weeks we’ve taken care of more than 50 talented musicians, all coordinated by a group of fifteen staff. It’s been a hard work making sure they all had the time of their life, but from their feedback we can definitely say they’ve had a wonderful time!


So, the most important message of this article is to say a big thanks to all our staff for making our summer camps so successful. Without this fun and hard working team our ideas wouldn’t exist and your children wouldn’t enjoy the best time of their life! It’s been epic…


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