This week is Altitude’s busiest Day Camps week of the summer. On average 25 children are joining the summer camps every day to enjoy the Language School, Mountain Adventures and Multi-Sports activities.

We started off with a sunny day yesterday. In the morning the Mountain Adventure Groups headed up to St. Christophe and the Language classes met their classmates and made their first conversations in English or French. In the afternoon everyone went up to Mont Fort to enjoy the view and went for a nice hike around La Chaux.


Day Camps activities of this week

Summer Camps SwitzerlandEvery group is divided per age group to make sure all children enjoy the summer camps to the max. Over the next few days the Mountain Adventure Campers will be building shelters, doing map work, camouflage and climbing.

The Marmotte groups (3-5 years old) will be doing camouflage, mountain arts, phantasy island and building shelters.

In the afternoons both the Mountain Adventure and Language Camps will be going for a hike, visiting the underground lake at Saint Léonard downin the Valley, going ice skating and we will finish the camp with a visit to the outdoor swimming pool in Verbier.