Saturday and Wednesday are a little bit special when it comes to the Altitude Camps, as they are the days when we go off on excursions and explore some of the fantastic things that there are to do beyond the village of Verbier.  Some of these excursions are educational, some are a bit more physical, some are adventurous, and some are just plain fun.

One of the excursions that fits into the last category is the Labyrinthe.  The excursion to Labyrinthe always starts promptly after the morning sessions have finished, so that we can have as much time as possible to make the most of the afternoon.  Once we arrive at Labyrinthe everyone has a picnic lunch and then split into groups.  As the activity offers an enclosed and safe environment the older children can have a little more freedom to explore in their own time in small groups, while the younger children stay in slightly bigger teams.  The challenge then is for everybody to make the most of all the different activities within the park!


The central area of the park is the giant hedge maze, from which the park takes it’s name.  This contains a number of exercises for anybody who is willing to take on the task of trying to escape.

Around the labyrinthe are a wide variety of other tasks and games to explore.  On sunny day the first stop for most of the younger groups will be the giant inflatables which include a range of slides and bouncy games.  These are great fun, and many children could spend the whole afternoon on these without getting bored.

On the other side of the park from the inflatables are the slides, which is another of the activities that nobody wants to miss.  All the slides come out of a single tower, with a range of levels of intensity, from a simple slide from the first level to a twisting option from the very top.  The great thing here is to see those children who are at first a little timid moving their way up through the levels, until they are happy to do all the different slides without worry.


Around the slides are lots of trampolines, and climbing frames, which offer even more fun options for the children, and also an area with many different forms of peddled and wheeled transport, from penny farthing bicycles, through to some very strange offerings.  There is even a pogo stick for those who really fancy a challenge!


Though a lot of the activities are outside one of the advantages of the Labyrinthe is that there are still things to do when the weather is not perfect.  There is actually a marquee full of different games for the children to enjoy if things outside are a little bit wet.

Certainly after such a full afternoon the 45 minute drive home is often very quiet, apart from the faint snoring sounds coming from the back of the mini buses!