For many years, Altitude have welcomed children to our Residential and Day Summer Camps, with many of them also enjoying a separate family vacation before heading back to school.

Some families love the idea of both a family vacation to make the most of family time during the school holidays, but would also like their child participating in a summer camp programme. However, timings and finances can often mean that it is necessary to choose one or the other each year.

But what about combining the children’s summer camps and a family vacation into one trip?

At Altitude, we wanted to provide an opportunity for families to travel altogether to Switzerland and to experience both their family vacation and summer camp, all whilst enjoying the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps and surrounding areas.

In 2015, we launched our Family Programmes and over the last two years these have proved extremely popular with many of our families. Offering residential and day camps for children as well as new language and sports courses for adults, there is now something for everyone with many choosing to spend the summer in Switzerland whilst still spending time together as a family.

This month we hope to inspire you with our most popular options with families from 2016.