A recent survey by the British Nutrition Foundation found that a quarter of primary school children think that fish fingers come from either chicken or pigs. Now I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty shocking – surely the clue’s in the name?! The same survey also suggests that almost a third of children think that cheese comes from plants, to the Swiss that’s almost sacrilege!

Home of the fondue, cheese plays a massive part in Swiss heritage. The earliest known recipe for fondue was published in Zurich a whopping 318 years ago in 1699. Promoted by the Swiss Cheese Union, it became a national dish in the 1930s and has been synonymous with Switzerland ever since.

“La fondue crée la bonne humeur”

Advertising slogans included “La fondue crée la bonne humeur” (fondue creates a good mood) – and they certainly weren’t wrong! Not only does it taste delicious but it’s fun too. With a multitude of different things to dip in, most commonly bread or potatoes, there’s always that moment where you end up battling with someone to knock each other’s potato off and inevitably both end up losing and having to rescue them from the depths followed almost certainly by getting yourself (and your fork) tangled in a stringy, cheesy (but very happy) mess!

Verbier has a wealth of restaurants to choose from, but Le Caveau is the place for fondue. With 10 different cheese fondues on the menu from the original to the more luxurious with truffles and even champagne there’s something for everyone and it’s a great opportunity to introduce children to the wonders of this yummy, gooey, ooziness.

Of course, there’s more on offer in Verbier than just fondue. Offshore restaurant for example serves pancakes which they claim could be the best in the world but you’ll have to try them for yourself! They also do great burgers made with 100% Swiss beef (*psst* – just in case there’s any doubt, beef comes from cows) and they’ve even got a pink car in the middle of the restaurant – the ultimate drive-thru’! Then there’s Al Capone, a family-friendly Italian restaurant. With more than 25 different pizzas on the menu you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The joy of cooking

As well as eating, there’s lots of joy to be had in the process of cooking – who doesn’t love the chef’s perks of sampling as you go! The process of combining ingredients to create something edible, not to mention tasty, that you can share with others is a magical experience and one that we encourage in the camps with activities including baking, pizza-making and even cooking over a camp fire. There’s nothing more satisfying than that sense of achievement having created something delicious from scratch.

Food is a basic life essential, we quite simply cannot live without it, but it can be so much more. Food has the ability to bring families and friends together and enrich our lives. Having dinner together in a restaurant or even just together at home encourages us to make time for each other in our busy and hectic lives and to communicate with one another face to face without a screen getting in the way. This is a great time to find out what your children have got up to at Camp,  if you’re lucky they might even have made you a cake!