The third year of the Music Camp, operated by the Verbier Festival in conjunction with our own Altitude team, was a fantastic success in Summer 2015.

We wanted to share a few words from some of the 2015 participants about what the experience meant to them this summer.


‘Probably the Best 3 Weeks of My Life so Far’

My 3 weeks in Verbier were probably the best 3 weeks of my life so far. I made some great friends, and so far I’ve been keeping in touch with a lot of the friends that I made during my time in Verbier.

Also, I really feel like all the activities we did with you guys from Altitude, particularly during the first week, helped us to bond as a group, and started some really great friendships. I couldn’t have asked for a better leader than Sascha either, he helped create a wonderful sense of family in our chalet.

Overall, everything about the Verbier Festival Music Camp for me was amazing, and I have nothing but fond memories of it.

Killian, Ireland, Music Camp Participant 2015


‘Filled with Fun, Lots of Fun!’                                                

There are few experiences in life that really get to change you, allow you to access new perspectives and, in one way or another, open your eyes; I can say, without any doubt, that the Verbier Festival Music Camp is one of them. It is not only a moving musical experience, but also a space filled with fun, lots of fun! The friends you make are life-lasting and the memories will remain forever!

After the musical rehearsals, with amazing teachers, staff, conductors and colleagues there are a bunch of entertaining activities from swimming to a hike to the mountain, you can go to many one-in-a-life-time concerts or maybe just chill in the mesmerising chalets with friends and team leaders! I will definitely try to come to VFMC next year: it makes me not only a better musician, but a better person!

Amir, Columbia, Music Camp Participant 2015


‘A Unique and Incomparable Experience’

During those weeks in Verbier we experimented how would be the way to live with people from several countries, different customs, backgrounds and characters as well. Thanks to this, we improved our communicative skills to strengthen our personality. Personally, the positivity in the air not only encouraged me, it also made to see the best aspects of each person and of everything.  Even after camp ended, almost all of us still keep in touch.

Mountain walks, movie nights, talks on the terrace… every moment has a special meaning to be valued. So living together gave me values such as responsibility, discipline or respect and I can even say I feel braver to face the world. On the other hand, it was awesome to have the opportunity to meet and get advice from such extraordinary musicians.

This adventure has been a chance to continue exploring the perspectives and horizons of my life.

Amanda, Music Camp Participant 2015 


‘Every Moment Was For Me Something Special!’

Music camp in Verbier for me is something to remember for a lifetime! I received a lot of positive emotions and moments. From the staff, and ending with the stars who came to the festival, every moment was for me something special!

The professionals who worked with us brought a lasting contribution to my attitude and musical talent. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who worked with us. With the guys we got to be friends and now communicate through social networks. They are all very talented! With several we will meet in the near future.

I hope we’ll meet again next year and I personally be able to say thank you for the work that you do!

Valeriia, Russia, Music Camp Participant 2015


‘Such Great Memories’

I was lucky to be given the opportunity to attend this wonderful Verbier Festival Music Camp and gained a lot of valuable experiences. In the past three weeks, I met so many amazing people and so many different styles of musicians who I’ve spent time and shared music with. They always made us feel joy and touched by the music and gave me a lot of inspiration about how to show our emotions in the music. The patience and care of all the coaches and staffs gave me that really helped me and encouraged me a lot.

I think through this Music Camp, I did not only improve the abilities and skills of music, I also made some friends, got a lot of precious friendships, learned how to take better care of others and myself, created such great memories with everyone.

Pingping, China, Music Camp Participant 2015


‘Incredible Music Experience’

I have learned to better understand other people, and got the hang of everyday translation. In such a musical circles… it’s very cool that everyone supports you in all your endeavours. I can’t ignore the incredible music experience that we’ve all got with our coaches, at every concert and every rehearsal.

Also I really liked the outdoor activities. Most of all, of course, I remember the campfires and the shelter construction. I do not know if it will ever come in handy, but a couple of days in the woods, I could live quite easily!

Friends in the camp – one of the most delightful things. You get to know other cultures, understand them, teach them some phrases of your language…. with some people, I hope I will mantain a long correspondence.

Varya, Russia, Music Camp Participant 2015


Thank you to everyone who took part in the Music Camp this year, we hope you all had an equally amazing experience as the students above. If you would like to share any of your own experience of the Music Camp this year or any previous years, please get in touch at, we would love to hear from all of you!