There were 3 different language groups in week 4 of our Language Camp this year, with Emma, Will and Astrid all teaching their groups, divided by age and ability.

On Wednesday morning, the chalet was a hub of activity with all the children getting stuck into producing some great pieces of work, or going off on their separate morning adventures around the town.

Beginner English – 9 to 11 year olds

English Teacher: Emma

Activity: A trip into Verbier and the shops, creating a shopping basket of items in English

Goal of the session: Putting language into practice – shopping vocabulary, directions

Emma has been teaching Varvara and Anastasia this week.

On Wednesday morning, once they had revised directions and the names of shops such as the post office, supermarket and pharmacy they set off into town in the direction of the supermarket ‘Migros’, putting their new vocabulary for directions into practice, and identifying whether they need to turn left or right or go straight ahead.

The girls browsed the shelves of the supermarket, identifying in English the items they knew, whilst Emma provided them with those they did not. Upon their return, they then drew a shopping basket with the items of the new words they had learnt on their trip.

DSCN2996 DSCN2920

Intermediate English – 11 to 13 year olds

English Teacher: Will Evans

Activity: A trip into Verbier to purchase postcards and stamps

Goal of the session: To write a postcard

Will warmed the class up with a reading exercise, Nadia’s Story, and a True or False questionnaire before heading into town in the direction of the newsagents and post office.

New words were written on the board and the word opportunity was explained – they had the opportunity to behave well and study hard for which they may be rewarded with an ice cream! Back in class they wrote examples of what phrases could be included on a postcard. Will wrote the phrases on the board so the students could then adapt them to write their personal postcards.

DSCN3020 DSCN3083

Beginner French – 7 to 9 year olds

French Teacher: Astrid

Activity: Reading about what happens in the mountains

Goal of the session: Animal vocabulary

Astrid, our native French teacher, taught this lovely family for the week. On Wednesday morning they learnt about the mountains where Astrid introduced to them new vocabulary related to animals, the mountains, plants and activities that take place in this environment.

The children then created their own vocabulary sheets using their own drawings of the words they learnt.

Towards the end of the lesson they played Bingo, revising numbers.

DSCN3088  DSCN2938

All staff and campers had a fantastic week of language lessons together, and with nice small group sizes came on in leaps and bounds in their new language!