Activity leaders: Sindy and Tori

Age Group: 3 – 5yr olds

Activity: Games & painting

Location: Chalet Serpolet/Norjeanne

Goal of the session: As a team to create a big piece of artwork of the mountains

On Thursday morning, as the weather was not at it’s finest and the ground outside was very wet, the Marmots were going to be spending the morning at the chalet.

Sindy and Tori, the Marmot leaders for this week, ferried the little ones across the road to the Norjeanne garden where the group played some games to have a run around and get some fresh air into their lungs. Stuck in the mud and What’s the time mister wolf?, were favourites and the opportunity to have a bounce on the trampoline got everyone warmed up and ready for their morning.

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The group then headed inside where they were kitted out in aprons and preparations were made for things to get very messy! Paints were placed in the middle of the table, along with pots of water and paintbrushes. Sindy gave instructions to everyone to try and use a specific brush for the each colour and to avoid mixing. They were left to be creative and paint whatever they wished.

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Meanwhile Tori and Sindy were piecing together a giant sheet of paper for the children to create a picturesque poster of the mountains. The children painted blue sheets for the sky, painted the grass, trees and flowers to cut out and stick on and white sections for the snow-capped mountains. They drew birds and animals and everyone went into the garden to collect real objects to stick on, such as blades of grass, twigs and leaves.

Paul Keppel Photography 85 Altitude summer camps art

To not miss being outside and enjoying the sunshine that had come out, the group headed back to the Norjeanne garden to play a final few games before lunchtime at 12 o clock. This time they played sharks & fish, duck, duck, goose, and a game of catch. I think their favourite game though was scream and run. The game involves running for as long as you can scream for, without taking a breath, and seeing who can get the furthest!

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The garden was filled with a lot of giggling and smiles as these little ones had a very enjoyable morning.