With Summer well on the way, and our first Summer camp session kicking off on Sunday 1st July, it’s time to dig out the suitcase and start thinking about packing for camp!

Every camp is different, but especially if it’s the first time your child has been to an overnight camp, here are some essential hints and tips for packing this summer. You might find it useful for your day campers too!

Please click here for our packing page with a detailed list of what every residential camper needs for their time at an Altitude camp.


What clothes to pack….

Verbier is located in the mountains, so the weather can often be quite changeable. A lot of activities at camp will be based outdoors where possible, especially mountain adventure and the afternoon sports and excursion programme. Although summer is often filled with very warm summer days, the weather can change quite quickly and become much cooler, especially as Verbier is located at 1,500m.

The best clothing to pack is clothing that can be layered for both warm and cooler weather, so t shirts and shorts are essential, especially for sports. Also pack some long trousers that can be used for sports and activities (one or two pairs of jeans are okay though), and warmer long sleeved layers such as long sleeved tops and hoodies for cooler days.


Don’t forget name tags!

Please remember to apply name tags to all your camper’s clothing! Laundry for residential campers is sent to a professional laundrette where it is put in with other children’s bags, so its important your child’s clothing is labelled so that we can ensure everything makes it back to its rightful owner.

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Outdoor clothing and equipment

Again, especially for our mountain adventure camps but also for our afternoon sports programme, activities will be active and based outside for the most part. A couple of pairs of jeans, or a pair of denim shorts is OK, but make sure that your child has trousers and shorts that can be used for sports such as tennis, mountain biking, climbing, ice skating etc.

It is also worth making sure your child has good quality equipment including a good sturdy pair of trainers for sports, a good waterproof jacket, and clothing they can happily wear outside and will stand up to the elements! A quality rucksack that can be used comfortably all day especially on excursions, a sunhat (baseball caps are popular and usually the most practical), a good water bottle and some sunglasses that can be worn during activities are also important.

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Try not to bring anything expensive or valuable…

Camp is all about having fun, so the best thing to do is pack clothes and equipment that allow your kids to do just that. It’s better to pack clothes that are appropriate for activities and not too expensive, as activities can be outdoors in all weathers and may involve getting wet, muddy, or even having a snowball fight in the middle of summer! Make sure that you pack clothes you are happy for your child to play sports in, and that can get wet or muddy. Valuables, jewellery or anything that needs to be kept safe are best left at home.


Rules regarding technology (eg phones, iPods etc)…

As most children are used to being surrounded with technology nowadays, you may find it hard to part them from their favourite items, especially before a long car or plane journey to camp. Many campers do bring some items to camp, usually a mobile phone or iPod. It’s worth remembering, and also making sure your children are aware, that our campers only have access to these items between 4pm – 6.30pm each day during free time. This means they can still call home,  but you don’t need to worry about them being glued to their phones during camp.

However, any such items are your child’s responsibility; Altitude cannot be responsible for any damage of these items, so anything very expensive it’s best to keep at home. There is a computer available with Skype in the chalet, and a phone that parents can call, so it’s no problem to still keep in touch if your child doesn’t have a phone or you prefer to keep it at home.

For day campers, as they will be heading home at 4pm, we would recommend they do not bring phones etc. with them during the day, as they will not be allowed to keep these with them during activities.

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Cameras and photos

As children won’t be able to have their phones with them during the day, they will only be able to use their phones for taking photos during free time and sometimes during excursion days (this can be dependant upon the excursion as some trips it is not appropriate to carry such items). If your child wishes to bring a camera they can have this with them during activities, but again some activities this may be practical or they may just be too busy having fun to be able to take photos! Again, each camper is responsible for the damage or loss of any cameras they bring with them.

We take photos during the camp which you can stay up to date on Facebook or Instagram, and also have photos available on our website which are published shortly after the camp finishes. Access details to these albums will be emailed to parents or guardians of campers only.


We hope this helps make the packing a little easier and gives you a better idea of what to expect at camp. If you have any further questions, please don’t hestitate to give us a call or email info@altitude-camp.com and we’d be more than happy to help!

We look forward to seeing you soon for an adventure-filled Altitude Summer!