Spring Plants in the Verbier mountains


As the snow recedes, the first plants to appear are crocus (crocus vernis) which form carpets of white and purple flowers.  Although the whites predominate there are enough purples to make a stunning display from what is a very plain flower when viewed individually.


The grasses soon turn from the brown-grey they are while lying under the snow to verdant green, and little heads of cowslips (primula veris) begin to appear.  Soon the banks and meadows are covered in their bright yellow flowers.


On the edges of tracks round the woods are white hepatica (hepatica nobilis).  Although blue is the dominant colour in many places, here it is difficult to find.  The flowers are little rosettes and the trilobed leaves are hardly visible.


In the meadows and along the sides of roads are viola, ‘les pensées des alpes’.  There are so many species of the genus viola, but most of them here are probably viola calcarata.  They are in shades of blue to mauve in clear colours, but there are some white ones on the track up to Chassoure.  The only yellow ones to be found are the tiny ‘violette jaune’ growing in very damp areas.