There is a whole host of things to see and to do in Verbier during the summer. Many families travel together to Verbier and so once the kids are dropped off in the morning at the Altitude Summer Camp, Mum and Dad need to have some fun too! We often get asked by parents “Can we join the camp too?” Unfortunately not, but we can give you some ideas as to what to see and do in Verbier.


This week, we introduce you to some easy going activities which you can enjoy without too much effort.


Easy hikes

Bisse de Levron VerbierYou can enjoy the breath-taking views of the mountain whilst also exercising in the beautiful village of Verbier. There are many easy hiking trails in Verbier from a 20 minute hike to the lovely St Christophe or a long, easy walk along the Bisse from La Chaux or Ruinettes to La Marmotte or Marlenaz. Spectacular scenery, fresh air and a peaceful setting make hiking a truly stunning part of Verbier life.


Golf activities

Verbier Golf courseWhether the mini version or the grown up version, both are on offer in Verbier! The mini golf course was recently revamped and now has a fantastic 18 hole course full of windmills, tunnels and ramps! If you prefer the original sport, there is a driving range near Carrefour restaurant as well as an 18 hole golf course. The Moulin also hosts an 18 hole pitch and putt course so whichever you prefer, take a swing!



Troittinette, Electrical bike

Verbier electrical bikeSome other easy activities are the troittinette scooters and the electrical bikes. With the troittinette scooters you can do an easy downhill run from Ruinettes to Medran and from Savoleyres to La Tzoumaz. Everyone can ride down at their own speed and make it as challenging as they would like.


For a couple of years now, Verbier Sport Plus also rent out electrical bikes. Without a lot of effort you can ride up the mountain and for a moment you can feel as strong as Alberto Contador! If you don’t want to put much effort in, then just bike from Ruinettes to La Chaux or to Croix de Coeur.


That’s it for this week, more activities are coming your way soon…