After the spring holiday everyone is slowly heading back to Verbier. As the town is now getting ready for the summer season, so is Altitude. Yesterday we celebrated the official start of the summer camps, which will continue until the end of August. In order to be well prepared for this season our team leaders took part in our yearly staff training last week.


Although most of our staff come back to work for us every summer, it is still important to ensure everyone is aware of the guidelines and safety procedures of the Altitude Summer Camps. We picked our team of international professionals for their enthusiasm, professionalism, integrity, caring nature and passion for working in the mountains. In order to ensure our quality standards are met, they receive all the necessary training to create a fun and safe environment for children.


We started the week with driver training followed by activities training. This included training on mountain biking, hiking, golf, shelter building, camouflage, fire building, map work, mini golf, ice skating and much more. During this training we also look at group management, and how to apply our risk assessments in the real life situations


One of the key focus points of our training week this year has been the development of improvisation skills of our team leaders. Even though our camps work with small groups we still need to be able to adapt our activities to the interests of all children and make sure kids engage and focus.


Finally at the end of the training week we ran through some demo sessions to test our leaders on the skills they had developed over the previous days. Now the training week is complete it’s time to get the Altitude Summer Camp program 2014 under way!

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