For the first time in a while we have had to try to avoid the rain this week. All over Europe the weather has been unusually wet for July, and we even received about 10cm of fresh snow higher up the mountain!


Summer Camps Ice SkatingTo avoid the rain we have been ice skating, swimming, putting on drama performances, playing golf, visited the magnificent Château de Chillon and been bowling.


Language School

The language courses are still going great and we now have more teachers working than in the history of Altitude Camps so far. It is wonderful to see the children being introduced to English or French and to see them speaking their new second language with their camp friends.


Mountain Adventure Camp

Due to the weather conditions we had to adjust some of the planned activities, but in the end we still managed to get in some great hikes, shelter building, indoor climbing and the children produced some great artwork focusing on the environment and the mountains.