A Charity Cycle Tour

An extended member of the Altitude Family, Thomas Lawson, the brother of our ski instructor and summer camp leader Tess Lawson and 2014 summer camp leader Jack Lawson, is currently undertaking on a challenge of a lifetime.

Thomas, together with three friends, has embarked on a mission to cycle the entire length of South America, a distance of 8000 miles. That’s equivalent to cycling from Lands End to John O’ Groats and back five times, or a third of the way around the equator  (!)

The Challenge – 8 legs, 8000 miles, £80,000 to raise for charity

Setting off in January of this year, the team’s journey has taken them from the southern-most city in the world, and will end at a solitary desert lighthouse that marks the most northerly point of mainland South  America.  The journey covers  42º  of latitude, primarily over the world’s longest mountain range, the Andes.  Now, that’s certainly some feat!

They are undertaking the entire challenge unsupported, meaning each team member is carrying up to 50 kilograms of kit each, and they have undertaken all preparation, training, route planning themselves, as well as also facing all on-the-road challenges alone, from the discomforts of sleeping rough, to mechanical problems and altitude sickness.

You can see where the team are by tracking them live, and find out more about their adventure on their website.


A Word from the Boys:

“While this journey represents a formidable personal challenge for us, what will really be getting us on our bicycles and pushing us up those winding mountain roads is the  knowledge  that  we  will   be  furthering  the  aims of our amazing causes – Cancer Research UK, DMRC Headley Court, the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, and the Mark Donegan Fellowship.

Our aim is to raise £80,000, and it should of course be made clear that 100% of all funds donated by you will go towards these causes and not towards the funding of the expedition.”

They are now in the final stretch of their tour, having reached Columbia and aiming to finish on the 15th June.

We’re wishing you all the best for the final two weeks from here in Verbier guys, and hope you’re looking forward to the finish mark and a well deserved rest!


Check out the latest from the #UppingtheAndes team at: