The Verbier Festival Music Camp has been under way for over two weeks now and the musicians are getting ready for their first concert tomorrow. Their performance will take place at the big concert hall Salle des Combins at 14h30, entrance is free.


Music Camp – What have we been doing?

Summer Camps SwitzerlandThe 56 musicians have enjoyed the first two weeks of the camp. Our team of Altitude Camp team leaders take care of the musicians during down time, ensuring they discover the region and have fun. Also, our team of chefs prepare dinner every day.


Six days a week the musicians take the cable car down to Le Châble for their rehearsals at the local school. After a day of practice our team leaders collect the musicians from Medran and take them back to the chalets. At the chalets we offer some free time where the musicians can continue practicing for their concerts, play table tennis or badminton or just have a rest.


Verbier Festival Music CampMeanwhile our camp chefs are preparing the dinner in the chalet. Approximately ten students stay in each chalet where they eat, relax and sleep. In the evenings and other downtime our team organizes activities such as swimming, hiking to St. Christophe, bowling, tennis and an International night.



Verbier Festival concerts planning

The first concert will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd July 2014. On Saturday there will be a second concert, at the same time in the same concert hall. On Sunday we are planning to take the students up to Mont Fort, enjoy a nice lunch on the mountain and do the Troittinette from Ruinettes to Verbier. Next week is the last week of the camp with a final concert on Sunday 3rd August.


Verbier Festival Music Camp Concerts Agenda:

Wednesday 23rd July 2014, Salle des Combins,  14h30-15h30

Saturday 26th July 2014, Salle des Combins, 14h30-15h30

Sunday 3rd August, Salle des Combins, 14h00