A. All bookings are made with Altitude International Camps (S.A.R.L)

B. This booking will become the binding contract (“the contract”) between the parties only when Altitude International Camps acknowledges receipt of the signed booking form, terms and conditions and a non-refundable registration fee as indicated in clause 2A below.

C. The contract will be subject to these booking conditions (“the conditions”) and will be governed and construed in accordance with English law.

D. The person signing the booking form warrants Altitude International Camps that he or she has the authority and legal right to represent the registered participant (and when the applicant is less than 18 years old, the authority of the parent, group leader or legal guardian) to contract Altitude International Camps on behalf of each such member on the basis of all the contracts conditions.


A. All payments and instalments must be paid on time as shown on the invoice. Altitude reserves the right to cancel the booking without refund of the deposit if this condition is not followed.

B. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your place and the balance is due by the 31st May.

C. In the case of cancellation by the client, the 50% deposit is non refundable. If cancelled within 14 days, the full 100% payment is non refundable.

3. CANCELLATION OF THE PROGRAM BY Altitude International Camps

A. Altitude reserves the right to cancel any summer camp. In the highly unlikely event of a camp being cancelled you will be offered the choice of an alternative arrangement or a full refund.

B. No refund will be payable if Altitude International Camps is forced to cancel the program due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control and which could not have been foreseen or avoided even if due care had been exercised including but not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil unrest, act of terrorism, act of god, flood or any other adverse weather conditions.


Parents or legal guardians accept full financial responsibility for all registered participants on our camps for the following:

A. All pocket money and other personal purchases made on behalf of the child for anything not included in the camp package.

B. Damage whether deliberate or not to facilities, clothing, equipment or other belongings.

C. All costs of participants having to be sent home due to accident, misbehavior, illness or any other reasons thought valid by Altitude International Camps.

D. Rental of any equipment which Altitude International Camps deem necessary so the participant can fully enjoy his/her holiday due to their own equipment being unsafe, missing or potentially harmful.


A. Whilst under full supervision of Altitude International Camps participants are expected to comply with all rules and regulations imposed on them. Altitude reserves the right to send the participant back home during the camp if in Altitude International Camps’ opinion the participant is incompatible with the general well being of the camp. In this case all costs will not be refunded and will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Altitude International Camps fully reserve all rights to send any child home at the parent/guardians’ expense should we perceive their behaviour’s to be inappropriate. Such behaviour’s include, but are not limited to: the drinking of alcohol, threatening behaviour towards staff, students or anyone else, use of illegal drugs, smoking, entering of rooms used by the opposite sex, leaving the chalet at night time after lights out and bullying.


A. Altitude International Camps reserves the right to use all artwork and any photography of the children on its websites and future promotional publications.


A. Altitude International Camps views safety as its number one priority. Altitude International Camps reserves the right to take whatever action it deems necessary to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the participant. In the event of accident or injury all costs of the medical treatment will be the sole responsibility of the parent, group leader or legal guardian.


A. Altitude International Camps cannot be responsible for weather conditions that affect the participant’s ability to participate in activities. If in Altitudes’ opinion conditions are dangerous activities may be curtailed or cancelled.

B. Altitude International Camps reserves the right to cancel any of the sessions mentioned in its brochure due to insufficient numbers of participants.In such a rare event Altitude International Camps will make every effort to offer an alternative solution.


A. Altitude International Camps will accept full responsibility for organizing the reserved camp activities and will do its best to fulfil these.

However, under no circumstance can Altitude International Camps be responsible for any service not directly under the control of Altitude International Camps, for example; ski lifts, world events, mountain guides, hotels and transportation companies. For this reason Altitude cannot be held responsible for extra costs, damage, accidents, lateness or inconvenience as a result of an error by a company during the activities or transportation of participants unless caused by the proven negligence, or lack of diligence by Altitude International Camps.

Every booking is accepted subject to all the conditions imposed by such outside companies and all claims with respect to these matters must be made directly to the concerned party.


A. Altitude does NOT provide insurance cover to participants. This is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian and MUST fully cover accident, illness, cancellation and curtailment for the duration of the trip from departing and returning to their home.


A. Altitude International Camps cannot be held responsible for weather or snow conditions which may interfere with the ski program. If Altitude judges that the conditions for skiing are dangerous or unsuitable due to the weather, the ski program may be delayed or cancelled, even if the ski-lifts are functioning. If for any reason the ski season has to be cancelled, substitute activities will be provided for the participants. Only if Altitude is compensated by refund from the ski-lift central office, will the full amount of any such refund be divided among the participants involved.



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