Verbier Festival Junior Orchestra – Team Leader

Originally from Manchester in the UK, Gareth will be working for Altitude on the Verbier Junior Orchestra as a Team Leader this year. He came to Verbier three years ago for the winter season to train to be come an instructor. Three years later he is now qualified and working towards more instructor qualifications and still in Verbier!

Before Gareth came to Verbier he obtained a degree from Nottingham in Education (primary). He worked in a school for a year and decided he would take a year break to do a ski season. “Three years after making the move I really can’t see myself in a career away from the mountains!”

“I have a lot of experience working with children as a teacher from my days in Nottingham and volunteered in a local school in a highly vulnerable area which was great fun as you really have to earn the respect of your class! In the winter I’ve worked with children on the ski slopes ranging from age 4-18 which is always good fun as you really can see the excitement on their faces when they achieve their goals.”

During winter, after skiing Gareth enjoys walking, and enjoys watching local events such as the cow fighting when the weather warms up in April. He also plays in a band as a keyboard player and has gigs regularly throughout winter which is great for meeting new people; “it’s great fun and it keeps me very busy!”.

This Summer, Gareth is looking forward to teaching in the outdoors and meeting new people from all walks of life both in the workplace and out. “I’m really excited to see people progress both musically, physically and emotionally throughout the camp. As I love music and at one point considered going professional, my real excitement is to be around and work with musicians. I will be interested to experience different cultural interpretations of music.”