International Summer Camps – Activity Leader

Rob will be working as an activity leader for Altitude this year. His eye for adventure and love of Verbier make him the perfect leader to introduce our campers to a whole range of outdoor, sport and creative activities this Summer!

Rob grew up in Geneva but lived in England most of his younger years. He skied lot in Verbier as a child, and now lives in Verbier full time, having spent the past 5 Winters and 2 Summers here. “If there’s something adventurous you want to do then the chances are you can do it in or near Verbier so it’s hard to stay away!”

Before moving to Verbier Rob worked as a windsurfing instructor in Greece for 4 Summers as well as Winters in France, Canada and Argentina.

“I really enjoy working with kids and getting them to try new and fun activities. I am very into climbing, biking and relaxing by the pool and making trips down to the lake!”

Rob speaks English and conversational French, and is most looking forward to trying to get the campers out of their comfort zone and try some adventurous new things!