Safety at Camp

Safety is our number one priority at camp, no matter what the day, time or activity. From a parental perspective we know that you want your child to have the experience of trying exciting activities at camp, and for some, one of their first experiences staying away from home, but also to be safe at all times. Many of our activities are active, outdoors and may involve doing activities that children are trying for the first time. We aim to make every experience as positive and fun-filled as possible, so that campers are encouraged to try new challenges and want to try these again. For our residential campers this extends to making sure they are safe and cared for 24/7 in down time and at night as well as in activities. To maintain our high safety record at camp we make sure we maintain high standards at all time throughout our camp, in the following areas: Experienced, trained staff At camp all of our activities are risk-assessed, and staff review risk assessments before taking any activity, hold current first aid qualifications, and complete training in the safety aspects of each activity as well as group management. All of our staff are selected based on experience and have all worked with children in their areas of expertise before. Many staff work for us year-round working in our ski school in the winter, taking groups of children skiing or snowboarding on the mountain each day. They know the camp well and they have great knowledge of the area of Verbier. Staff to Camper Ratio For all of our activity sessions, our campers are in groups of 1 staff member for every 8 campers, or for our youngest Marmot campers, groups of 1 staff member for every 4 children. All staff carry fully stocked first aid kits in case of any bumps or scrapes during activities! Medication and Allergies We always ask all parents prior to arrival to inform us of any known allergies or medication that needs to be taken. Our chef makes sure all food allergies and intolerance’s are diligently catered for, and our duty managers manage medications to make sure this is taken correctly each day. Nearby Facilities Verbier has three local medical centres of which one is always on call in case of an emergency, and local hospitals in Martigny and Sion. 24/7 supervision Campers are supervised 24/7; our residential campers are in activities all day from 09.00am – 9.00pm (with some down-time of course!) and overnight have a night-time staff member in the chalet with them in case of any problems arising. Directors We also always have a Director around in Verbier, offering support to staff in case of an incident where staff may need support. If you ever have any questions about safety at camp, let us know and we’d be more than happy to speak to you in detail about any of your areas of concern, so you can rest easy knowing your child is in safe hands.