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Summer camp is an amazing experience for kids to take part in and we want it to be a smooth trip from start to end. This blog is here to give you an insight into the rules at camp, what to pack and some other useful bits of information to help you prepare for summer camp. Anything we’ve missed? Just give us a call and we will be happy to help.


Our residential campers tend to arrive after lunchtime on Sunday allowing them time to unpack before getting to know new friends in the evening. If you are dropping your children off to camp, please let us know what time you expect to arrive at the camp. If your children are flying in, and you have booked an airport transfer, please ensure letting us know their flight number, landing time, departure airport and also if they are booked as an UM (Unaccompanied Minor)

Electronics Policy

We strongly believe that children should make the most out of their experience at summer camp and for this reason we have a policy that all electronic equipment is handed to camp staff at the beginning of the camp. Children then have access to these during the free time each day (16h-18h) only. This is to ensure that children fully participate in activities and also to reduce the risk of these items being lost.

Dietary Requirements

It is very important to us here at Altitude to provide healthy meals for children. Our fantastic team of chefs prepare food freshly on the day using local nutritious ingredients. We cater for all dietary and religious requirements so please do send any requirements you have through to us before arrival. If you have any concerns about meal times, please get in touch and we can discuss requirements and work with you and our chefs in advance.

Medical Forms and Information

If kids have any medical conditions, it is important for us to be made aware in advance so that we can ensure their safety whilst at camp. We can then communicate with you and organise any medication they may need when here. It goes without saying that Altitude will treat any personal information with sensitivity and total confidentiality.

All medication that children bring with them is stored in a secure area and must be labelled with clear instructions and dosages. All medication administered is done so by a Duty Manager and recorded each time.


In the unlikely event of an emergency there are 3 local medical centres in Verbier as well as 3 regional hospitals within 1 hour by car, or 10 minutes by helicopter. The Swiss medical services offer first-class medical care and attention if required. In any such situation parents/guardians are notified as soon as possible.


In the unlikely event that your child does need to visit the hospital or doctor, it is important to have adequate insurance in place to cover medical centre fees and hospital fees. Please send us your insurance policy details before arriving to camp.

Camp Conduct

Altitude promotes an environment of mutual respect, fun, enjoyment and learning. We believe that every child has an equal right to have a fantastic time with us and for that reason our staff always keep a close eye on any teasing or bullying or any other anti-social behaviour that may affect another campers experience with us.

These situations are very rare on our camps and pre-season staff training covers the subject of how to look out for any signs of bullying. However, please tell your children that if this does happen then they should inform any member of our staff immediately. Altitude has rules in place regarding any child who is deliberately spoiling another camper’s experience. If we believe any behaviour is detrimental to the summer camp spirit, then we will contact the parent or guardian to decide on further action.

Altitude fully reserve all rights to send any child home at the parent/guardians’ expense should we perceive their behaviour’s to be inappropriate. Such behaviours include, but are not limited to: drinking of alcohol, threatening behaviour towards staff, students or anyone else, use of illegal drugs, smoking, entering of rooms used by the opposite sex, leaving the chalet at night time after lights out and bullying.

All our staff members have been police checked, and hold a valid first aid certificate and the majority of our staff are employed year round for Altitude with a proven track record in safety and professionalism.

Emergency Contact

Altitude is happy for you to contact us throughout the camp – especially if it is a matter of importance, or if you simply wish to hear how your child is adapting to camp life. Our phone is available for calls / WhatsApp 24/7 during camp sessions with the number +41795305224.


Our in house bank is used to house all important documents and money. On arrival campers must deposit all funds into this bank – please advise your child about this prior to their arrival. Daily, duty managers will open the bank to allow kids to have a regular fund of pocket money. We recommend a weekly allowance of no more than CHF 100.

Homesickness & Illness

If your child becomes homesick or ill, a camp director will contact you, so we can work together to resolve the situation.


Altitude Blog - kids in the chalet garden on arrival day with

Packing for Camp

This list is an accurate reflection of what the “average” camper needs and uses during a 2 week Altitude Summer Camp; however, we realise that it may not be perfect for all campers. If a child is participating in the mountain adventure camp it may be worth investing in some good hiking shoes. Please remember to apply name tags to clothing.

  • 14 x underwear
  • 2 x pyjamas or nightwear
  • 4 x shorts
  • 4 x trousers*
  • 14 x t shirts
  • 5 x jumpers
  • 1 x sweat top and bottoms
  • 1 x raincoat
  • 1 x backpack
  • Water Bottle

* 1 or 2 pairs of jeans are ok but 2 pairs need to be able to be used for sport
** 1 for the beach and 1 for showering

  • 1 x sun hat
  • 1 x sunglasses
  • 1 x sun lotion
  • 2 x swimwear
  • 2 x towels**
  • 1 x flip flops
  • 1 x trainers
  • Toiletry Bag (including toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel etc.)
  • Laundry Bag

Please remember, don’t bring any unnecessary valuables. If you bring items such as cameras, computers, iPods or musical instruments, Altitude cannot be responsible for any loss or damage.

Got any questions about preparing for summer camp? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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