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Once you’ve booked your summer camp, it’s time to start the exciting countdown and for your children to get excited about their upcoming adventure! You’ll have no doubt organised travel to and from the camp, bought travel insurance and planned and booked all of their activities so now all that is left to do is to pack for summer camp!

When sending your children to a new country for camp, or even a new location in your own country, it is important to remember that the weather may be quite different to where you live normally. It is worth checking the upcoming weather forecast but also looking at the locations average temperatures over the last few years as something to base your clothing items on.

Here in Verbier, we are in the mountains and that can mean hot days of beautiful sunshine but it can also mean snow, sometimes all on the same day! If the children are in the village and then head up the mountain it can change by more than 5 degrees so we always ensure that kids have backpacks with additional layers when we head out and about.

This list below is an accurate reflection of what the “average” camper needs and uses during a 2-week Altitude
Summer Camp. If a child is participating in the mountain adventure camp it may be worth investing in
appropriate outdoor equipment, such as some good hiking shoes. Please also remember to apply name tags to
clothing so that items can be returned to you if they get forgotten and left at camp.

– 14 x underwear
– 2 x pyjamas or nightwear
– 3 x shorts
– 3 x trousers (1 pair of jeans is ok but 2 pairs need to be able to be used for sport)
– 14 x t shirts
– 5 x jumpers
– 1 x sweat top and bottoms
– 1 x raincoat
– 1 x backpack
– 1 x water bottle
– 1 x sun hat
– 1 x sunscreen
– 1 x sunglasses
– 2 x swimwear (including 1 full swimming costume for girls)
– 2 x towels – (1 for the pool and 1 for showering)
– 1 x flip flops
– 1 x trainers
– Toiletry Bag (including toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel etc.)
– Laundry Bag

Please remember: Don’t bring any unnecessary valuables.

Camp is all about having fun, so the best thing to do is pack clothes and equipment that allow your kids to do just that. It’s better to pack clothes that are appropriate for activities and not too expensive, as activities can be outdoors in all weather and may involve getting wet, muddy, or even having a snowball fight in the middle of summer! Make sure that you pack clothes you are happy for your child to play sports in, and that can get wet or muddy. Valuables, jewellery or anything that needs to be kept safe are best left at home.

If you bring phones, cameras, computers, iPods or musical instruments, you will be responsible for any loss or damage.

If you have any questions about what to pack for summer camp then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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