Some of our recommended summer hiking routes in Verbier

The surroundings of Verbier are truly breath-taking no matter what time of year you visit, but with a wide range of activities on offer, including summer hiking, the summer season is our favourite. From the fresh air to the colourful flowers and of course, the still snow-capped mountains, the views are beautiful and provide the ultimate location for a day out walking with friends or family. With over 400km of hikes in Verbier, taking one of our hiking guides allows you to explore the area and all that it has to offer whilst knowing you are safe, won’t take a wrong turn and of course have a helping hand to keep you going when you reach the steeper parts! There are many different hiking routes in and around Verbier but here are a few of our favourites, all of which can be booked during the day whilst the kids are at camp. Altitude Blog - adults hiking in the mountains

Beginner:  Ruinettes – La Chaux – Ruinettes: 2 hours

This trail is the perfect introduction to walking in Verbier, giving you a chance to get used to walking at altitude whilst also enjoying the magnificent views of the valley below. This route starts with a gondola ride up to Ruinettes which takes about 5 minutes. From here, we walk along a flattish track called the bisse, (a man-made river which goes for miles!) around the mountain towards a bowl known as La Chaux. From La Chaux you can view the famous Grand and Petit Combin Mountains which are still covered in snow even in the heat of July and August. Enjoy the tranquillity of the mountains as well as taking advantage of this great lunch spot by stopping at Le Dahu for a bite to eat before heading back. To make this into more of a loop – you can walk back via the higher bisse trail which starts from a bit higher up in La Chaux. This short route is ideal for those with kids on the day camp as you can head off after drop off time, enjoy a relaxed lunch in the sun and still be back in time for pick up. It’s also a great one for those with dogs as they love the water to splash in and the walk is great for them!

Intermediate :  La Chaux – Lac des Vaux – Col de Mines – Ruinettes – 3 hours

Fancy a bit more of a challenge? This route starts from La Chaux and heads nicely uphill towards Lac des Vaux, a popular spot for skiing in the winter time. The uphill hike is a challenge but definitely worth it for the views once you reach the lake, especially if it’s just you and the mountains with not another soul in sight. On a really warm day, you can brave a dip in the lake to cool off or just stay on the edge and have a quick paddle to cool off your feet. This hike continues with a walk downhill towards Col de Mines where you can see all the way across to La Tzoumaz and the other side of the valley. From here head back round towards Ruinettes where you can enjoy views of the Verbier village from up high, you can even try to spot a few of the landmarks whilst up there! Altitude Blog - group of friends hiking at Pierre Avoi

Advanced : Croix de Coeur – Pierre Avoir – Croix de Coeur – 2.5 hours 

Not for the faint-hearted, this is a more challenging hike, particularly for those who perhaps don’t like heights or narrow trails as there are some more exposed sections. However it is a great challenge and a fantastic reward when you reach the top. 360 degree views make this small peak a wonderful place for a picnic and offers views of the village of Verbier, Savoleyres and even across towards Sion. This hike includes some tough steep sections, a ladder to climb to the peak at the summit (chains are also there to help in some places) so be prepared! If you are up to the challenge, it is by far our favourite hike of the area with some incredible views! Check out our full list of activities and excursions here.